Art of Expression

designer (2000x1333)Abhishek Smurthi, Designer
Yelahanka, Bangalore

I believe in expressing my style, it’s unique. I am inspired by the real India and I borrow a lot of my inspiration from the richness and the legacy we carry, as you can see. Sonu dragged me to Soul Sante but I love it here. It’s good energy. It’s very hot though, and I want to have water melons. I just love water melons.



IMG_8745 (2000x1333)Priyanka,22

As an artist and a designer what is that one thing you would like to change in a lot of us?

People should stop trying so hard to gain acceptance. They should believe in themselves without being influenced by opinions and peer pressure. They should get closer to their core, learn from their mistakes and believe in living a good life. I personally want people to travel alone, discover themselves, meet new people and just be happy in good and bad moments. Nothing is constant, change always finds it’s way and it’s how ready one is to adapt and evolve.



the tall man (2000x1333)Zubair
Commercial Street,Bangalore

I am six foot five and when I put these shoes on, I go up to six foot seven. Look at my shoes, they are heavy. When people turn around and keep glaring at me, it makes me happy. I am use to this attention and in fact I like it. I keep bumping my forehead into doors, ceilings and low roof but you know what, I will not trade my height for anything in the world. The seat of my bike is customised for my long legs and people say I look like a hero. My friends call me “Lamboo”.



therealpeoplestory_girl (2000x1333)Bianca,23

I aspire to become a writer some day. My first book is on it’s way ” Tis about a girl”. I like doing crazy things, so for now I have colored my hair pink and I love it. It’s fun to experiment or it just gets very boring.


therealpeoplestory_sneha (2000x1333)Sneha Ravishankar, 25
Yelahanka, Bangalore

I am an army kid and I hate to follow rules. I feel like a tom boy, but I like dressing up once in a while. My only constant in my life are my ideologies, otherwise I am such a vagabond. I like things simple and easy and that’s my style.



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