Spirituality in Ice Cream Parlors

11116404_769739166474550_5755799629128457152_oZane Lead

What draws you to India?

India has always drawn me towards her. It is quite inexplicable. The people. The spirituality. The bustling bazaars. The vibrant geometric textiles – a metaphor for the mind boggling order in chaos. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I am hooked. India is a wonderful drug that doesn’t let you go easily. Perhaps never.

What is your spiritual side like? What are you key takeaways from Osho’s teachings ?

There is a concept of the ‘sadguru’ in Indian philosophy. ‘Guru’ is a word that has taken on many meanings in the past couple of years. Etymologically, ‘guru’ means ‘dispeller of darkness’. ‘Sadguru’ is the true dispeller of darkness. Sadguru is a force, a principle that works everywhere and through everyone. It is the power by which we learn and grow. The sadguru teaches us and thus brings us out of darkness and into light, illumination. Hence, the term ‘enlightenment’. The Sadguru is formless but may take on specific forms through people, animals, or any experience that give us wisdom and illumines our understanding. Osho has been a teacher for me and I am grateful for that, but I have also learned just as much from my fellow human beings who are not ‘gurus’.

“Everyone is spiritual. It is not a matter of becoming spiritual but realizing one’s latent innate spirituality.”


Although the Sadguru is formless, it is supremely personal. Everyone is at a different stage on the journey of life and therefore needs to learn different things. A couple of weeks ago I sang a ‘shloka’ from the Guru Stita that describes the Sadguru beautifully:

“Brahmanandam Paramasukhadam
Kevalam jnanamurti
Dwanda Thitam
Ekamnityam vimalamacham
Tatvamasyadi laksham
Sadgurum tam namami”

The Bliss of the Absolute, The Highest Pleasure,
The Only One, The Embodiment of Wisdom,
Beyond Duality,
Eternally One, WIthout Movement
Indicators of truths such as ‘You are God’
Sadguru, I salute you.

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