The Vagabonds

IMG_8891-2 (1333x2000)Bharat,

His father plays dhol and his mother sings along, but the money they earn is not sufficient. So Bharat will be on job soon with no education and no childhood.

“Bharat is sporting a frock and just look at him, he is completely comfortable in it. Some of us are just left with no choices, but to go along and play the game of survival.



the deff guard (1333x2000)Abdul Rashid,70

Abdul bhai is unable to hear or speak. He works as a watchman at a mosque and earns a bare minimum of Rs.10 a day. Full of life and no complains, we salute his strength.



11203568_761364057312061_4026023240705532811_oHaji Ali, Mumbai

“No, I cannot tell you why I change my character and costume before asking people for money every single day. What if you steal my secret?” (Laughs)

“I’m one in in a billion! I always wanted to do things differently, not like others. If I had money I could have conquered the world. But unfortunately you are seeing me here, like this, right now!”



therealpeoplestory_boys (2000x1333)Boys,
By the Sea

“Aaj masti marne ka tha to hum dono ne college bunk maar liya”

We both wanted to chill so we are bunking our college. My mom doesn’t know that I am here. She is a professor in the same college. I don’t want to join the gang of jobless engineers India is producing and reproducing every year.

” Mere ko kuch alag kerne ka hai life mai.”

I want to do something different with my life.

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