The Wallflowers


“Mi divas ratra na zopta paint karaycho factories madhye. Mala paint cha khup trass hot hota pan hech mi shikloy and hech mi karat rahanar”

My parents passed away when I was little. My mother raised me. Since then I am on my own, living life by my own means. I am a Painter.

“Majha kholit, majhya barobar ek mulgi rhate. Jevha pan amhi bhetato, ti majha sathi vada paw ante. Khup chan ahe ti. Mala khup avadte ti.”

I have had sleepless nights working in factories. I have painted for hours and I have almost got choked by the smell of the paint fumes. But this is all I know, so I just do it. There’s a girl in my locality. She gets me vada paw whenever we meet. She is really sweet, I like her.



100 yers old (2000x1333)Bithamma,100
KR Market, Bangalore

After my husband passed away, I had to take care of my family. First I got my son married, then my older daughter. Since 35 years, every single day I get up at 5am and set up my flower stall and wait for the business to start. Now I am just alive to see my youngest daughter married and then I can rest in peace.



utencil aunty (2000x1333)Jagdamma , 56
Old Market, Bangalore

My son works in IT in Bangalore and my daughter works as an HR in Dubai. I purchase old, scrap metal utensils, melt them, convert them to new shiny ones and sell them. My husband died 20 years back and after him I am running the business alone.

Till the time I am alive I want to earn my own money and not depend on my children.



IMG_7691 (2000x1333)Padma
KR Market,Bangalore

I sell flowers in front of the Sai mandir. My husband drinks a lot and earns nothing. My son is differently abled, and I really have to look after him. I’ve promised myself to make him a big man one day. I pray to god every day. I pray that things get better.



bhuddi ka baalKishore,27

“Humko Patna mai kuch kam naahi tha tou yaha aake bhuddi ka baal bechta hain”

I came to Bangalore four years back. I had no job back home at Patna, so I migrated to Bangalore to sell candy floss. I make these packets every night and sell them the next day.

“Ek dandi 20 rupiyee ka hai”

Each candy stick is for Rs 20. I wish to open up a small candy shop. It’s a competitive world and I wish to grow.

shoe guy (2000x1333)Senthil Kumar,33
Chickpet, Bangalore

I collect old and damaged shoes from stores, factories and people around from different localities. Then I wash them over, polish them, mend them and sell them off as new ones again.

“Mera khud ka dukan nahi hai”

I don’t have my own shop so I sell them on the Sunday street market. I have been working in the shoe business since 1998.


Therealpeoplestory_fruit vendor (2000x1333)Suresh
KR Market, Bangalore

I use to play with my friends while my father use to sell fruits. He is now 78. I get these fruits from the wholesale market at electronic city. I have to start early so I reach there early by 3am. My father has done a lot for me and I want him to take rest and be happy. I do my best just like my father did.



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