They Conquered.

floristaa (2000x1333)Raja, 35
Flower market, Bangalore


“I used to love her a lot. She was really nice and we used to spend a lot of time together, but one day, she left me and married another man because I was not that rich.”

“I sell flowers.”

“I was completely broken but just because she left me for someone else doesn’t mean I shut myself forever. I am married, and I am blessed with two kids. I wanted my amma and appa’s grace to be with me forever and so I have their names inked on my hand. I try and do my best.”



ganga (2000x1333)Ganga, 35
KR Market, Bangalore

“I left working at the news channel because I wanted to be a girl. God told me that if I became a girl, I would be happier. My parents were conservative and it was hard for them to accept me the way I was. They took me to a psychiatrist but it was completely useless. I fought a lot with my amma and appa and then one day, they gave up on me. They left me. It was very hard but I held my feelings together.”

“I got my self operated and became a transgender.
It was a great feeling. I felt liberated.”

“I am just so happy the way I am. I work in the temple and serve God. The shopkeepers give me money. I genuinely bring good luck.”


nutbolt father (2000x1333)Manoj Bhai

“Barey hee kathin samaye se gujre thei hum log”
We went through very rough times. We lost everything – our family, our friends and our house all washed away in seconds.

“We can never forget 2004. We lost everything
when the tsunami hit Tamil Nadu.”

“No one can stop disasters from happening and we were fortunate to be alive. We were left with hope and grief. I would get up from my sleep thinking it was a nightmare, but the reality was harsh. I was scared, very scared and I did not know what lay ahead.”

“So many times I would think, life was over, but my mother would pacify me telling me:

“Sab kuch theak ho jayega, bhagwan pe bharosa rakh”
Every thing will be fine. Believe in God.

“We moved to Bangalore to start fresh. Today I have 8 godowns and we live a happy life. My mother was right”


therealpeoplestory_labour (2000x1333)Rajappa, 72
Old Market Bangalore


“Today there was absolutely no work, so I’ve just been whiling away time. I work in the vegetable market picking up potato sacks or moving the cart. I earn very little, just enough to live the day. My wife and I usually pick up all sorts of work that comes our way. No work is big or small, and it all depends on how one does it.”

“I take pride in what ever work I do.


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