Three’s a Crowd

therealpeoplestory_anna (2000x1333)Kumar (Greased Shirt), Narayan (in middle) & Mani (Blue Lungi)
Lavanya Theatre, Bangalore

Kumar: “My clothes are all dirty and full of grease, don’t take my picture. Take Mani’s picture, he’s wearing a new Lungi today.”

Narayan: “Mani doesn’t talk much, we don’t understand how he sells his mangoes”

Mani: “Chotu sir ke liye coffee la re.”

We three have been friends for over 20 years now and every afternoon we meet here for coffee.


11111118_776098075838659_3853124426732732397_oPragati, 6

“Velenkali amma talks a lot. Sometimes I feel like putting a cello tape on her mouth so that she just stops. She’s my best friend. I love her more that my school friends.”

“I am waiting for my dad to come and pick me up. Where is he?”


Shivajinagar, Bangalore

“Bombay chocolate is only for ten rupees. Guddi will dance for you if you buy the chocolate. Want some?”

“People think I pull her strings but the reality is that she is the one who makes me dance to her every move.”


1522484_767955826652884_4653085906858516354_oMohit (Left)
Band Stand, Bandra, Mumbai

“My grandfather started this juice shop 50 years ago. There used to be a Navy camp here and that’s where the shop got it’s name from.”


“A lot of foreigners and tourists come to see Salman and Shahrukh’s house and so we get a lot of business. A lot of times Salman bhai has also come to our shop to have juice. He knows my name!”

“Sara boyfriend, girlfriend log yahi juice peene aata hai”
It’s fun to watch them and hear their stories (chuckles)

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